Friday, January 12, 2007

Classic Cover of the Week

Flash #326, October 1983. So, it's a month shy of my tenth birthday and I'm in the local book store checking out the comics rack.

Actually, I'm gonna stop right there and let that sink it for a second. Comics in a book store. In a mall. No, that's not the ghost of Rod Sterling standing behind you with his hand on your shoulder.

Anyway, so there's ten year-old me in the book store checking out the rack and debating which comics deserved my allowance when there it was, Flash #326. This cover stopped me dead in my tracks. "How can the Flash be under arrest? He's a good guy!"

Now, I was a Marvel kid. Introduced to the X-men early on, and from there to Spidey, the Thing, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Power Man and Iron Fist. But this was the Flash, from Superfriends! All I knew of those "other comics" was what that I knew from "Superfriends", the Adam West "Batman", and the "Plastic Man" Saturday morning cartoon.

And I knew that Falsh was a good guy. How could he be under arrest? I had to know. Needless to say, there was no way I was leaving without that issue. Just a great classic cover and to this day every time I spent money on a DC comic I blame it on this cover.

Sixty cents well spent.

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