Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Internet Manifesto: Or Everyone Else Is Already Doing It.

So, here’s the theory I’m running with when it comes to New Year’s resolutions in aught seven. Max Afinogenov’s shooting percentage is 19.8 as of January 1st. Chris Drury’s is 18.9. I’m not gonna take as many shots as they have so far but two out of ten? I think I can stick with two out of ten resolutions, or better yet 4-for-20.

This dumping ground for all the pablum that leaks out of my brain is one of the twenty. It’s also a distraction from the real writing I’ve been dragging ass on. So when procrastination is beating on the script that should I should be well into a second draft on, now I have another distraction to blame.

“Selective continuity?” you ask. Yeah, because do you remember when Reed and Sue Richards were in the Avengers with the likes of Gilgamesh, Doctor Druid, and Sersi? Me neither. Never happened. Scott Lobdell’s Uncanny X-Men? Who?

Captain Hero killed Danny Rand? Them’s fightin’ words, mister.

I do remember Ostrander’s Suicide Squad though, and the JLI. How about the time that Kurt and Logan stood back and finished their beers while the Juggernaut brought the whole bar down on Colossus’ head? Here at Selective Continuity that happened just a couple of months before Morrison’s run.

So I’m gonna blather about comics, ignore things I don’t like, try to restrain my gushing praise for the Sabres, and vent the random bits that don’t belong on the script page or in my head. Along the way I hope to hammer the spec scripts I’m working on into a submissible form.

As for the rest of the twenty, maybe the list stays where it belongs, in my head. Maybe it ends up here, where it doesn’t really belong.

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