Monday, January 22, 2007

Ronin: Hank Pym or Robbie Baldwin?

Bendis says: “It’s someone with a long history in the Marvel Universe. There are quite a few people it could be, and it’s not necessarily the person you immediately go to, but it’s someone I have an affection for who also has a history of donning a guise that best suits his or her mental tone. And this is his or her mental tone right now. And it just so happens there is a costume that needs filling and a person who can fill it, and so it’s taken."

So, yeah...


Yeah. I'm thinking that it's gotta be Hank.


Of course Pym. Who did you think we were talking about?

Um, Speedball. I thought...

Nah, Robbie's hiding in his BDSM costume. This is a ninja costume.

That someone's hiding in.

That Hank Pym (you know Yellowjacket, Giant-Man) is hiding in.

And you're reading all this from the "history of donning a guise that best suits his or her mental tone" remark? Isn't that...

A reach? I guess we'll find out.


You'll see.


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Michael Strauss said...

Ninjas are cool, but I think the real future for comics is gonna be in big tits and male power fantasies.