Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Pass at a New X-men Villain

"Your optic blasts are nothing more than harmless colored light. The truth is, Cyclops, I'll be hitting you and your trashily dressed girlfriend very, very hard now." -Occam

Occam, a.k.a. Edmund Ockham. Sociopath and mutant threat. Power of "Epistemic Belief". If Occam believes it then it's true, or at least the truth for him. The simpler an explanation he can imagine, the more powerful he becomes. The closest analogy to how his powers work would be a combination of Proteus and the Purple Man, but instead of effecting the world around him, Occam's abilities are internal, effecting himself.

"Dr. McCoy, I don't believe that there's anything you or your people, and I use that term loosely, can do to stop me." Occam's goals are purely self serving. He has no interest is either Xavier's dream or Magneto's view of mutantkind's place in society. Occam has self-confidence to rival Doom but none of Doom's drive or lust for power. Whatever he wants, he's going to take and neither human or mutant life means anything to him. Eventually, the growing property damage and rising body count will draw him into conflict with the X-men. It's important though that under no circumstances what so ever will Occam ever be depicted killing anyone with any sort of razor. No. Just, No.

Occam has used his abilities to reshape his body into what he believes is the ideal human form, and in the Marvel Universe this means Captain America. A dead ringer for Steve Rodgers, and dressed in hand tailored suits and designer sunglasses, Occam kills with philosophy.

This is my first pass at creating a villain specifically for the X-men. It's odd. Now that I think about it, after all the years of being a fan of the X-men and writing unreleated stories of my own, I've never scribbled anything specifically for this franchise. Going back and reading my initial take on this character I think I might hate the idea. We'll see how I feel in the morning. This post might be heavily rewritten in the next 24 hours. Click the comments link below to tell me how much this concept both sucks and blows.

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