Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Tragic Loss

They're trapped, and I can't help them because the swamp is swallowing up my robot body!

And the world is a saner, safer place and we're worse off for it.


Anonymous said...

As I recall,at some point,they defeat this guy by tricking him into turning in to a bear and zapping him...ah,memories...

Michael Strauss said...

The A-V-M Man gets felled by the paralyzing ray-gun that Caulder invents which only works on living matter. Versus the paralyzing ray-gun that only works on unliving matter, but those are a dime a dozen.

Hell, I give unliving matter paralyzing guns out as trick-r-treats every Halloween.

Of course, the ray gun then goes into The Hidden Vault of Plot Devices, never to be seen again.

R.I.P Arnold Drake, R.I.P.