Monday, July 23, 2007

Beat To The Punch

So Erik Larsen is releasing a line of comics featuring updated versions of public domain Golden Age characters. Read about it here.

Sigh. What are the odds? I mean, what are the odds other than pretty good?

I don't suppose I could get Mike Allred to draw my version of the Clock.

Oh well. Great minds, right? I guess I should take this as a sign that at least I'm thinking in the right direction. Still, if books featuring The Concordia, super champions of the European Union, the World's Smartest Monkey, or a Hawkeye/Top Dog team-up start showing up I'm gonna be pissed. Especially since I'm halfway through scripting the first arc of Prof. Simian and the Irregulars.

Speaking of which, anybody know any unemployed pencillers that want to draw monkeys, robots, hot chicks, classic cars and alien jungles?

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Anonymous said...

I should tell you I'm publishing your autobiography under a pen name... I just have to find a loophole to keep it an autobiography without crediting you, sorry but thought you should know