Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dream Cast (Not the Video Game System)!

This time Fictional Comic Book Movie Casting Week is going to tackle a real project, coming to your living rooms next year.

Buckle up, it's Preacher!

Matthew McConaughey as Rev. Jesse Custer
James Marsters as Cassidy
Cameron Diaz as Tulip O'Hare
Gary Oldman as Herr Starr
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Featherstone
Ray Stevenson as Saint of Killers
Chris Cooper as Hugo Root
Johnny Galecki as Arseface
Val Kilmer as John Wayne
Christopher Meloni as Jody
Clint Howard as TC

With Piper Laurie as Marie L'Angelle and Ian McDiarmid as the Voice of God.

Not the Cameron Diaz from "The Sweetest Thing", but the Cameron Diaz from "A Life Less Ordinary".

Marsters might be a bit of type casting, but he'd nail the hell out of the part.


Siskoid said...

That Arseface casting is hilarious, though if he's still alive, that Judas Priest fan he's based on (or it could be another heavy metal band, I'm sorry I can't remember) could play him AND lower the make-up bills.

Piper Laurie? An assured creepy performance. She can't give anything but.

Erin Palette said...



Katee Sackhoff for Tulip!