Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fictional Casting Call. Spoilers Ahead!

Fictional Comic Book Movie Casting Week rolls along with a look at the alternate Earth IMDB page for David Fincher's Suicide Squad.

George Clooney as Rick Flagg
CCH Pounder as Amanda Waller
Helena Bonham Carter as Nightshade
Idris Elba as Ben Turner
Matthew Settle as Floyd Lawton
James Nesbitt as "Digger" Harkness
Tatum O'Neal as Karin Grace
Gina Torres as Mari McCabe
Dean Winters as Tom Tresser
Claudia Black as Duchess
Matthew Lillard and Eva Amurri as Punch and Jewlee

And Steve Buscemi as Arthur Light

Pounder and Torres were perfection in JLU. Why mess with what works? Plus, I (heart) Zoe Washburne.

When Punch gets offed during a mission for being a dumbass, who better for the audience to cheer when they get killed onscreen than Lillard?

Lawton was the hardest pick of the bunch, but I think Matthew Settle, who protrayed the dead inside Lt. Speirs in Band of Brothers, would be perfect as the cold-hearted Deadshot.


Siskoid said...

I think your Duchess and Deadshot are great lookalikes.

With Fincher on this, you bet I'd go see it!

Michael Strauss said...

James Nesbitt is an almost perfect match for the was Luke McDonnell drew Captain Boomerang. Spooky.

Yeah, Deadshot was tough but then, out of the blue... Settle.

Fincher's Suicide Squad would be pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Clooney seems too sauve for Flag. I'd maybe stick with Baldwin.