Monday, September 24, 2007

Spoiler Alert! Fictional Casting!

Fictional Comic Book Movie Casting Week opens with a bang.

52: The Series. A special one year HBO event.

Paul Walker as Michael Carter
Ciaran Hinds as Teth Adam
Steve McQueen as Vic Sage
Gina Gershon as Renee Montoya
Nathan Fillion as Adam Strange
Jay Harrington as Buddy Baker
Tricia Helfer as Starfire

With Anthony Stewart Head as Will Magnus and Ed Norton as Ralph Dibny

Yeah, I know Steve McQueen is dead. He's still a perfect Question.

I'm going somewhere with this actually. Friday's imaginary casting call will tie into a pilot spec script I've written for a pair of Marvel characters who's films have been in development hell for nearly a decade.

Tomorrow: David Fincher's Suicide Squad


Siskoid said...

So who's Gina Gershon making out with in this?

Michael Strauss said...

Sadly, not me.

Probably a 1.75l of Jameson and Diane Farr.

Anthony Strand said...

Jay Harrington as Buddy Baker is the most perfect thing ever.