Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Slushpile Challenge Explained

If you're a reader of this site, and Sitemeter tells me that at least a couple people stumble through here, than you've seen the comic pitch ideas from the last couple of posts. Here's the lowdown.

Last Wednesday, a friend of mine threw down the gauntlet with an interesting challenge: write a proposal/pitch for a new comic every day for the month of April. Each pitch must relate to that day's topic and we take turns selecting daily topics. Fairly straightforward. At the end of the month we'll have 40 unique pitches for either new ongoings, limited series, OGNs or one-shots, twenty of which (mine) will be posted to this site. If there's motivation and/or demand for it, we'll be setting up a joint site with the combined pitches.

Once the daily challenge rockets to its thrilling conclusion, long-time comics reader, and friend of the site, Jere Dolan will be acting as final arbiter. He'll be reading all the submissions in the Selective Continuity slush-pile and selecting the best of the bunch. The winning pitch will then get written up in complete script form by myself and the challenge dropper himself, G. Bob.

Coming in late? Pull up a chair, pour a scotch and light a smoke, it's the topics so far!

Day 1: Infuse a laughingstock character with cool. Who'd I pick? "Doc Druid".

Day 2: Salvage an extreme '90s Image property. My Answer? "Yellowknife" (Admittedly, this qualifies by the most tenuous of margins).

Day 3: Turn a '70s sitcom into a comic book. My reply? "Invasion: Alice!" because I think "Kiss my grits, Lobo!" is funny , funny shit.

Monday's topic for day four of the challenge: develop a comic book based on the lyrics of a country song.

What's it going to be? Stay tuned, True Believers!

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